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Facts & Figures

Total Enrollment - 249 Students

•    Demographic Data

–  65% Hispanic
–  10% Black
–  15% White
–  10% Other    

•   6% of our students receive Special Education services

•   18% of our students receive CLDE Services

•   Our staff: 12 Classroom Teachers, 2 CLDE Teachers, 3 Specials Teachers, 1 Reading Interventionist, 1 Instructional Coach, 4 Instructional Paraprofessionals, 1 Health Tech, plus amazing office, nutrition, and custodial personnel.

2023-2024 School Culture Survey Highlights


95% of students feel that their school has clear rules and consequences for behavior.

98% of families report that school leaders manage Monterey in ways that promote student safety and learning.

100% of Monterey staff report our school embraces diversity.

Improvement Opportunities

  • 76% of students feel that their teachers tell them how they did on schoolwork.
  • 83% of families report that their child feels safe telling an adult at school about being bullied.
  • 78% of staff report that students do not threaten and/or bully each other at Monterey.

Next Steps

  • We will develop a system for teachers to share academic data with students consistently. Monterey teachers will develop a classroom system for students to begin monitoring their own academic progress.
  • Educate staff on how to address student reports of bullying. The school counselor will focus on teaching kids what bullying is and how to report it at school.
  • Educate staff on what bullying is, how to prevent it, and help students build relationships with each other. The school counselor will support students through friendship groups. Social Emotional Learning ( SEL) time can be used to focus on kindness, inclusion, and being a good friend.